What can a HERS Rating do for me?

There are several very important reasons to get a HERS Rating on a home:

  • Opportunities for special mortgage programs that offer lower interest rates, lower closing costs and other benefits. 
  • Gives you clear and specific information that lets you compare similar homes on energy use
  • Gives a buyer a marketplace yardstick that measures the benefits of energy efficiency improvements.

Would a HERS Benefit Me?

Would you buy a car without first learning about how many gallons per mile you will get? Well, a HERS rating does just that for your home! It tells you how much electricity this home will use based on the national standard HERS index score. Whether buying a home or selling a home, a HERS certificate can be quite beneficial to you. In fact, the Florida Statute 553.990 says (that all buyers have the option upon contract to have a HERS Rating performed on that home). Upon signing a sales contract the buyer by law should be receiving the below brochure. As a buyer, knowing the approximate energy usage of a home, will allow you to buy more home for your buck! Let’s say you may have a certain budget amount for housing and utilities. So a smaller less efficient home (less sq ft home, higher electric bills) versus a larger more energy efficient home (more home less electric bill) means you can now afford more home for the same budget!

As a seller, this same opportunity is available. This energy efficiency yardstick can benefit you by expressing to your buyer how much more your home will save the buyer than your competitor’s home, because of less electric bills. Likewise, it may also show you some inexpensive measures to take to make your home more energy efficient than your competitors home, thus allowing you to ask more for your home. (More money in your pocket!)

Does Having an HERS Rating Delay the Closing on a Home?

Usually a HERS Home Energy Rating can be scheduled and completed, with Registered Certificate in your hand in less than 1 week. The Home performance portion of the HERS Rating, which includes envelope tightness testing and duct leakage testing, as well as a full energy assessment of building components, appliances and lighting usually takes about 2 hours depending on the size of your home. The remaining portion of the rating including the Registration usually takes 2-3 days.

Whether a buyer or seller getting a HERS HOME RATING CAN SAVE YOU OR EARN YOU $$$$$!!!!!!

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