ACCA Manual D and a Free Hand Duct Layout

What is the difference of an ACCA MANUAL D and a Free hand Duct layout?

An ACCA Manual D is the method used to design the most efficient Air Distribution System or commonly referred to as “the duct lay-out” including appropriate duct sizing. However, for accuracy and maximum air flow, this Manual D should be based on the Manual J Room by Room calculation and the Manual S Equipment Selection. With so many tools available for accurate duct design, NO longer should a duct system be completed using the rule-of-thumb methods. This practice is the chief reason for complaints of temperature discomfort from one room to another in a home, including excessive noise coming from the ducts. A duct system that is designed using the ACCA Manual D is going to quietly distribute the correct amount of air to each room. Many building departments are now requiring an ACCA Based Manual D for all new and replacement duct systems.

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