Blower Door or Envelope Leakage Test is NOW required on all residential homes in Florida since July 1, 2018.

EnergyCalcs.Net is proudly offering blower testing (AKA home envelope testing or infiltration) services throughout Florida. The Florida Energy Efficiency code for building construction mandates that all new residential construction (both additions and homes) will be required to have a blower door test for air changes per hour (ACH) between 3 and 7 to pass code.

Energycalcs.net performs all the necessary residential  energy calculations to conform with Florida and Georgia Code Compliance Requirements for all new home construction as well as preparing Manual J Residential Load Calculations for proper HVAC system sizing, Manual S Equipment Specification form, Manual D Duct draws for accurate and correct duct sizing and performance, and Manual N Commercial Heat Load Calculations.

How We Do It
Energycalcs.net uses the most current Florida Energy Code Compliance software to prepare code compliance forms for residential additions, renovations, new single family and multi-family dwellings. Using the latest state of the art equipment for duct testing and blower door testing, we can assure our customers the most accurate test results possible.

Home performance education is not only for the builder and HVAC contractor but to the consumer as well.

We strive hard to keep the builder informed of new and improved energy efficient building products (green building). For HVAC contractors, we encourage the use of the most up to date energy efficient heating and air conditioning equipment, combined with proper-sized equipment and duct design for maximum consumer comfort and home comfort.

For the homeowner, energy efficiency education can save them thousands of dollars over the life of the home.

Our Pledge
It is our pledge to bring every up to date info concerning code compliance to the attention of our customers to maintain a level of confidence between us and them. We strive very hard to work with builders to bring the most comfort to the homeowner at the least minimal costs to the builder.

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